Steelers Headquarters

Welcome to my football card trading site.

When you pull that Steelers parallel, insert, relic, AUTO or oddball... come HERE for a trade!


A quick note concerning my trading habits...

Please recognize that card collecting is my HOBBY, not my job! The focus of my life is my family and I regularly disappear for a few days from the hobby. This is unannounced and unpredictable.

My professional schedule often limits my activity to weekends and sometimes I can't mail items during the week.

I appreciate your patience when you find that I am not responding to e-mail or if my return shipment is a few days behind yours.

It is not my intention to abandon a trade so feel free to e-mail me again as a reminder.


I am primarily a baseball card collector but my kids' interest in football keeps me active in football cards.

I'm always happy to trade my football for your baseball.

If you are only a football collector, I'll trade for most any Steelers and singles to fill in my player collections.

Here's where you will find my BASEBALL wants:


My set WANT links and my player collection WANT/HAVE links are located in the links section above.

Asterisks (**) on any of my pages indicates a trade is pending for that item and it is no longer needed/available.


I'm also looking for ANYTHING of the 1970s Steelers, the LAST great franchise - built ONLY through the draft.
Not a single guy on the roster was from outside their system.
THAT is amazing!
Sorry, San Francisco, Dallas & New England.
You've come close in more recent decades, but today's free agent game is not quite the same "franchise".

Ask about "bulk team trades" if you have a favorite team.
I'm always moving set singles and slow moving parallels/inserts to team lots.
I have football and baseball team lots.

I am an active member at the following trading sites...

Yahoo Group: Trading Bases (tribefan)